Welcome to the Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences! This website is your window into our engagement with the world: MSU geographers advance knowledge about people and the environment, right here in Michigan as well as across the Earth, at scales ranging from your neighborhood to the entire planet. We use and teach cutting-edge approaches, including drones, satellite remote sensing, geographic information systems, and spatial data analytics. Explore what we have to offer on these pages, connect with us to learn more, and join us for your geographic adventure through our GIS certificate program or our undergraduate or graduate degree options. Spartan Geographers Will. — Ashton Shortridge, Chairperson

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Welcome Class of 2025

Welcome Class of 2025!

As you begin your journey of learning with us, please know the College of Social Science offers many resources and services to make this semester a rewarding start to your world-class MSU experience!


2021 Spartan Geographer

2021 Spartan Geographer Now Available

Given the continuing effects of the global pandemic, coupled with our ongoing efforts to minimize the environmental impact of our annual newsletter, the MSU Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences has made the decision to forego mailing printed copies of the 2021 Spartan Geographer this year. However, a downloadable digital version is available in its entirety below. Not only will this action continue to reduce the carbon footprint of this publication significantly, but it will reserve much-needed funds for our most important asset—the next generation of Spartan Geographers. We wish you well and hope you enjoy the latest updates from the Department.

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