Triple G Colloquium| Forecasting Ecology in a Changing World

Fri, March 31, 2023 4:00 PM at Virtual

Join the Geography Graduate Group (Triple-G) on Friday, March 31, 2023, at 4 PM for "Forecasting Ecology in a Changing World" with Dr. Michael Dietze from the Department of Earth & Environment at Boston University.

What is ecological forecasting and why do it? This talk will introduce the idea of near-term iterative ecological forecasting, which is the process of making probabilistic, out-of-sample predictions of ecological processes and then updating those predictions as new information becomes available.

Professor Dietze will then explain how this approach is a potential win-win for accelerating science, addressing discipline-spanning questions about ecological predictability, and making ecology both more robust and more directly relevant to societal needs. He will discuss the challenges and opportunities in iterative ecological forecasting and highlight ongoing efforts to build an ecological forecasting community of practice. He will draw on examples from a wide range of ecological processes, including carbon sequestration, tick-borne disease, harmful algal blooms, soil microbiome, and vegetation phenology.

Finally, Professor Dietze will touch on the efforts of the Ecological Forecasting Initiative (EFI) to build a community of practice and its ongoing NEON forecasting challenge.

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Triple G Colloquium March 31, 2023 at 4 PM