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This page features a variety of recent interviews, articles, chapters, books, and research and creative products by our faculty or students in our department that directly intersects with DEI.

Spartan Geographers continue to represent at 12th Annual REP Conference (October 2023)

Veda Hawkins Earns Dean’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence Staff Award (April 2022)

Dr. Guo Chen Serves as Panelist on AAG Women in Geography Webinar (March 2022)

College of Social Science Diversity Torch: Jen Fry (February 2022)

Exploring Persistent Racial and Ethnic Representation Disparity in U.S. Geography Doctoral Programs: The Disciplinary Underrepresentation Gap (Demetrice R. Jordan, Ashton Shortridge & Joe T. Darden, December 2021)

Veteran Volleyball Coach Jen Fry Aces Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Article featuring Ph.D. Student Jen Fry, November 2021)

“Celebrating Black Geographers: The First Cohort 1900-2000,” American Geographical Society (Alumna Demetrice Jordan, et.al., 2021)

If You Ain’t First, You’re Last: A Guaranteed Acceptance Guide to Successfully Transition from High School to College (Ph.D. Student Kionna Henderson, July 2021)

People, Space, and Place (PSP), a geography-focused podcast co-hosted by Ph.D. students Kionna Henderson, Veda Hawkins, and Raven Mitchell 

Working Together for Racial and Social Justice: From Anti-Asian Racism and Violence to Anti-Racist Praxis in Geography (Guo Chen, April 2021)

College of Social Science Diversity Champion: Dr. Joe Darden (February 2020)

College of Social Science Diversity Spotlight: Dr. Dee Jordan (August 2020)

College of Social Science Diversity Torch: Angie Sanchez (October 2020)

College of Social Science Diversity Torch: Ana Rivera (September 2020)

Hear every voice – working groups that work (Kyla Dahlin, November 2019)