Abeer Shrgi Alanazi

Abeer  Shrgi  Alanazi
  • Ph.D.
  • Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences
  • Geography Building
  • 673 Auditorium Road
  • East Lansing, MI 48824


GIS, integrating geospatial science and energy geography and urban environmental interactions. 


My research centers on improving and understanding renewable energy growth In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States of America and how to promote environmental sustainability in a low-carbon future. Recently, Vision 2030 has been designed to build a prosperous country with ambitious plans for an eco-environmental and fulfilling future. This development pathway comes with complex challenges. I am examining how energy sovereignty is changing, how massive investments alter energy dependencies, and how geospatial technologies can be employed to develop a more optimized long-term urban development strategy.