College of Social Science - Outstanding Senior in GEO | Ryan Snider

May 4, 2021

Ryan Snider, 2021 Outstanding Senior in GEORyan Snider hails from South Lyon, Michigan. He will be graduated this spring with a BS in Geographic Information Science and a minor in The City: Environment, Design, and Society. Ryan’s interest in geography comes from his love of both maps and traveling. He loves exploring and understanding the interaction between the natural and human world and believes his degree will allow him to continue to explore these relations and understand them. Ryan has been an integral member of the GEO Club. His favorite memory with the Geography Department was the opportunity to research historic sites on the Great Lakes and understand which may be vulnerable to rising lake levels. His favorite GEO professor is Ashton Shortridge. Ryan really enjoyed GEO 425, taught by Shortridge, because it allowed him to really see the potential and use of GIS to solve the world's problems in a very fun and interesting way. Congratulations, Ryan!