Congratulations to Our 2020 Minors in Geographic Information Science

May 18, 2020

Congrats to our Minors in GIS

The Department of Geography at Michigan State University congratulates all of the 2020 graduates who minored in Geographic Information Science. MSU has a long tradition of excellence in GIS. Each year more and more students are realizing that a minor in GIS not only helps them facilitate a greater spatial understanding of their chosen field of study, but it dramatically improves their marketability and opens a host of professional opportunities.

“This minor alone got me a position at the MSU Map Library, which then helped me gain the experience necessary for my current role in a municipal government IT department, where I use GIS on a daily basis,” says Hannah Heilman, a recent Environmental Geosciences graduate. “In fact, we have been using GIS extensively for the past two months, tracking the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

A minor in GIS provides students with a solid understanding of both GIS theory and application and offers extensive experience in geospatial mapping, analysis, and modeling—arming these graduates with the knowledge, training, and competitive edge they need in today’s challenging landscape.

“I was interested in minoring in GIS because of my interest in applying GIS and geography methods to wildlife ecology,” says Garrett Knowlton, recent MSU Fisheries and Wildlife graduate.  “My minor in GIS has led me to be much more successful in getting internships and jobs, and it has made my fisheries and wildlife degree exponentially more valuable by also being proficient in GIS.”

Join us in congratulating all of our 2020 GIS minors and wishing them great success. Go Green!

  • Noah Bussell, Urban, and Regional Planning
  • Dakota Ewald, Forestry 
  • Hannah Heilman, Environmental Geosciences
  • Garrett Knowlton, Fisheries And Wildlife
  • Alex Love, Forestry
  • David Mainero, Anthropology
  • Paul Mcguire, Fisheries And Wildlife
  • Justin Perry, Computer Science
  • Jeralyn Poe, Geography
  • Lauren Rodriguez, Zoology
  • Caroline Schuetz, Biosystems Engineering
  • Cheyenne Shields, Sustainable Parks, Recreation, and Tourism
  • Ayley Shortridge, Zoology