Jonnell Sanciangco

Jonnell  Sanciangco
  • Ph.D.
  • Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences
  • Geography Building
  • 673 Auditorium Road, Room 116
  • East Lansing, MI 48824


Spatial Methods, Health/Medical Geography


I am a Ph.D. student concentrating on spatial methodologies. I have years of experience in utilizing GIS and other information technologies in various natural, environmental, conservation, community development, and public health projects. As a graduate assistant, I am managing a database of inpatient hospitalization in Michigan.

Having access to this rich database, I become interested in relating programming and GIS to study patterns and prevalence of hospitalization due to mental health illnesses. I want to provide a comprehensive analysis of mental health hospitalization cases in Michigan from 2000 to 2016 based on three main topics – individual, hospital, and community levels.