Jennifer Fry

Jen  Fry
  • Ph.D.
  • Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences
  • Geography Building
  • 673 Auditorium Road
  • East Lansing, MI 48824


Sports Geography


The purpose of my research is to use the experiences of current and former Black female volleyball players who have played internationally to inform coaches, agents, parents, and staff who support pre-professional Black female volleyball players, and the Black female volleyball players themselves, who are currently playing collegiate volleyball and considering playing professionally on the experiences they are likely to have overseas. I will be situating my area of expertise within geography as it allows me to think boldly about how the intersection of race, gender, sport, and geography affects the experiences of Black female athletes, both domestically and internationally. As Faye Gale has stated, “the interaction between culture and the environment is fundamental to geography" (Gale, in Anderson, 1998, p. 368).

This research will supplement the currently scarce body of knowledge regarding how place and space affect the racial experiences of Black female athletes internationally. Studies by Black women for Black women create valuable research by centering the voices of Black women and providing insight that others, unknowingly, are unable to give.