Urban Structure

Geographic Changes in Population Health with 'Planned Shrinkage' of Urban Areas

Doctoral Dissertation Research: The Decentralization of Retail Supermarkets and the Changing Urban Food Environment in Detroit, Michigan

Doctoral Dissertation Research: Exploring the Diversity of Gentrification and the Role of Gender in Hong Kong, 1986-2006

Doctoral Dissertation Research: Hydrating the City: Mapping Flows of Water and Power in Ankara, Turkey.

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Podagrosi, A., Vojnovic, I., and Pigozzi, B. 2011. “The Diversity of Gentrification in Houston’s Urban Renaissance: From Cleansing the Urban Poor to Super-gentrification.” Environment and Planning A. Vol. 43. No. 5. Pp. 1910-1929.

GEO 453 Metropolitan Environments Course

Students in Igor Vojnovic’s GEO453 Metropolitan Environments class employ designs that encourage non-motorized travel in the pro bono development proposals they prepare for Lansing- and Detroit-area municipalities. The proposals are presented as 3-D computer aided design models to municipal officials, local developers, architects, and residents. Since there is a considerable distinction between learning material in a classroom and employing it in real life—and within a political context—the course offers students a unique educational experience of addressing local development and redevelopment issues with policy-makers, developers, and local residents.

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