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Steve Aldrich

PhD 2009, MA 2004

Lonnie Barnes

M.S. in Geography 2018

Eric Bauman

BA 1972, MA 1976

Thomas Bilintoh

M.S. in Geography 2019

Michael Bomber

M.S. in Geography 2018

Sissi Bruch

PhD 2006

Bilal Butt

PhD 2007

Scott A. Drzyzga

PhD 2007, MA 2000

Wally Elton

PhD 1970

Albert Fulton

Ph.D. 2019

Jianjun Ge

PhD 2007

Joseph Hupy

PhD 2005

Ameen Kadhim

Ph.D. 2018

Kara Komoto

M.S. in Geography 2019

Eraldo Matricardi

PhD 2007, MA 2003

Connor Plensdorf

M.S. in Geography 2019

Ryan Shadbolt

PhD 2009, MA 2003

Joshua Stevens

BA 2009, MS 2011

Alan Waddilove

MS-GIS 2003

Don Zeigler

PhD 1980