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Sigismond A. Wilson

PhD 2010

I obtained a Ph.D. in Geography at Michigan State University in summer 2010. I served as Assistant Professor (term-appointed) at Western Michigan University during the 2010/11 academic year. I joined Rogers State University in Northeastern Oklahoma as Assistant Professor of Geography in fall 2011 and have been instrumental in designing a number of geography courses including Military Geography, World Regional Geography, and Environmental Geography. Despite a heavy teaching load (4-4), I have been actively engaged in research and scholarly presentations focusing on human-environment interactions that incorporates mineral resources with particular reference to Sub-Saharan Africa.

My recent publications include: Wilson, S.A. (2013) “Diamonds Exploitation in Sierra Leone 1930 to 2010: A Resource Curse?” GeoJournal 78(6):997-1012; Wilson, S. A. (2013) “Company-Community Conflicts over Diamond Resources in Kono District Sierra Leone”, Society and Natural Resources: An International Journal 26(3):254-269.2012; Zulu, L. and Wilson, S. (2012) “Whose Minerals, Whose Development? Rhetoric and Reality in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone”, Development and Change 43(5): 1103-1131; and Wilson, S. and Wilson, C. (2012) “Modeling the impacts of civil war on land use and land cover change within Kono District, Sierra Leone: A socio-geospatial approach”, Geocarto International DOI:10.1080/10106049.2012.724456.