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Kristy Stanley

MS 2008

alumni_stanleyMajor Advisor: Randy Schaetzl

Thesis Topic: I characterized a relatively thin loess sheet in north-central Wisconsin and discussed paleoenvironmental significance of its multiple source areas.

I left MSU in 2008 to pursue a PhD at UW-Madison in their Geography department, working with Joe Mason on the geomorphology and carbon sequestration of sandy soils in Jackson County, Wisconsin. I (very) recently achieved dissertator status, and am doing fieldwork for my dissertation research. After teaching Soil Science (GEO 300) and Geomorphology (GEO 310) at UW-Whitewater during the spring 2011 semester, I recently began a 2-year position as a faculty fellow for UW-Platteville. It is a full time position in which I teach 50% and research 50%. I am currently teaching the intro physical class (“Planet Earth”) and the senior capstone seminar in Geography (Theme: The geography of food, agriculture, and sustainability).