Marshall Stageberg

  • M.S. in Geography

  • Email:
  • Geography Building
    673 Auditorium Rd., Rm. #116
    East Lansing, MI 48824
  • Areas of interest: Wildland Fire Meteorology
M.S. in Geography

Research Synopsis:

I received his Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology from  St. Cloud State University with minors in GIS and Computing in 2016.   I am working with collaborators at the USDA Forest Service, St. Cloud State University, and Michigan State University to investigate the complex flows that occur in the vicinity of a wildland fire, flows that are primarily driven by heat and moisture released from the fire. Since extreme conditions in the fire environment make collecting meteorological observations difficult, we employ a high-resolution numerical model to simulate the atmospheric responses to a fire. The numerical simulations will determine the sensitivity of fire-induced flows to the magnitude of the heat and moisture fluxes from the fire, and to atmospheric stability, moisture, and wind profiles. The results from this project will help us to better understand the sensitivity of the fire inflow/outflow patterns and the atmospheric perturbations to the characteristics of the fires.  The simulations, when combined with available observations, will enable us to diagnose fire-atmosphere interactions on scales that will help inform operational decision-making when managing both prescribed fires and wildfires.