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Amanda Rzotkiewicz

M.S. 2018

Research Synopsis:

In addition to my current work in health geography, my background includes the completion of a BS in Anthropology as well as a Master’s in Criminal Justice, both from Michigan State University. My research interests cover a wide variety of topics, particularly the interplay of culture, community resources (or lack thereof), and the environment. My primary goal is to utilize the components of my background to contribute to our understanding of the relationship between neighborhood conditions and both physical and mental health outcomes. Of note thus far, I have evaluated the relationship between social conditions of neighborhoods in Detroit and the diversity of the post-mortem microbiome of its residents. In addition to my academic work, I have also been the Exhibitions Assistant at the Science and Culture Museum at MSU since 2012, where I am directly involved in rendering the research efforts of MSU and its affiliates accessible to the community.