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Paul Rindfleisch

MS 1999

alumni_RindfleischAdvisor: Randy Schaetzl

Research Synopsis: Examined soils and near-surface stratigraphy in northwestern lower Michigan for the purpose of developing a late Quaternary model of landscape evolution of the Leelanau drumlin field

Since Leaving: Worked on a PhD looking at soils, geomorphologic surfaces,and paleoclimate in Trans-Pecos Texas; Worked for 2.5 years as a soil scientist in southwestern Colorado; Worked for 4 years as a senior soil scientist in Victorville, CA mapping primarily in Joshua Tree National Park; Worked for the last year as the soil survey project leader for the Anza Borrego area soil survey in the lower Colorado Desert of California. I use my training as a geographer every day as a fields oil mapper. In the office, I use GIS extensively for pre-mapping of soil polygons using a variety of available and custom-designed data layers. In the field, I identify geomorphic surfaces using fundamentals I learned as an undergrad and developed more fully as a Master’s student at MSU. The study of soils is very geographical in terms of variability over space as well as the impact that landscape position, hydrology, climate, and biology have on any given soil pedon.