Clayton Queen

  • M.S. in Geography

  • Email:
  • Geography Building
    673 Auditorium Rd, Room 116
    East Lansing, MI 48824
  • Areas of interest: Periglacial Geomorphology, Permafrost Science, Quaternary Geomorphology
M.S. in Geography

Research Synopsis:

I’m a physical geographer and geomorphologist whose research interests are focused on two separate regions, Alaska and Michigan. My research has been conducted in the field in central, and eastern Alaska. I also use remote sensing and GIS to understand periglacial and permafrost processes. My thesis aims to conceptualize the periglacial landscape through large-scale mapping and geomorphometric analysis of the assemblage of small, periglacial features. My work in Alaska also takes me to the Arctic, where I am part of a long-term permafrost monitoring program.

In Michigan, I have been involved in a project to map the spatial distribution of coastal dune systems. My research on the dunes used remote sensing and digital terrain analysis to map the distribution of dune sand along Michigan’s coastlines.