Bruce Wm. Pigozzi


I was a Geography major at Dartmouth College focusing mostly on physical Geography; I graduated in 1967. From there I went to Miami University (Ohio) for an MA , in Geography, which I finished in 1969. During that time I morphed into an Economic Geographer but also had a stint as a Cartographer. I stayed at Miami for 3 more years as an instructor, teaching mostly introductory courses. I decided I liked the profession and went to Indiana University to pursue the PhD in Geography. I was Director of Railroad Planning for the State of Indiana for a few years and then started at MSU in the Fall of 1977.

Research Interests:

My current and recent research interests have evolved from my foundations in Economic, Transportation and Urban Geography. The primary theme through most of my efforts is Regional Economic Impact Analysis. From this theme my interest proceed to related theory as well as to applications. Therefore, my interests also include Regional Economic Base and Input-Output analyses as well as Urban and Regional Planning and Development. Within this context, I have found employment data very relevant and available, and in turn, this has led to interests which often focus upon the Geography of Employment. Recent expansions of these topics into questions of equity and diversity have been manifest in work on micromarginality and property tax assessment. Overall, I have incorporated research at various scales from national level using states as units through the urban scale with individual real estate properties as the units. Throughout these I maintain an interest in related Quantitative Methods.