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Lisa-Marie Pierre

Ph.D. 2019

Research Synopsis:

Hi, I am Lisa-Marie. In 2015, I transferred from Arizona State University to the geography PhD program here at Michigan State University.

My overall research interest is in studying historically underrepresented group’s entrepreneurial activity. I’m interested in three stages of the business life cycle: recognition and development of the idea, growth and survival of the business, and exit at the maturity of the business.

For my dissertation study, I’m researching academic entrepreneurs, university commercialization policy, and the industrial composition of regions. I’m focusing on why women academic entrepreneurs commercialize research and the role university policies and regional entrepreneurial infrastructure play in this decision to engage in entrepreneurial activity.

Prior to returning to school, I was a research associate at the Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra University, sole proprietor of a communications business, active volunteer in my community, and mentor to entrepreneurs and professionals.

When not working on my dissertation research, I volunteer, mentor entrepreneurs, and create content on various topics on my website.

Outside of school, volunteer, and business activities, I enjoy traveling, playing and watching sports, creating art pieces, reading, and cooking.

Lastly, I’m from Long Island, NY and I’m a proud alumna of Sacred Heart Academy, Spelman College, and the University of Miami.

Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Mack