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Robin G. Pearson (Landfear)

BA 1981

alumni_pearson (landfear)While still an undergrad I was lucky enough to work on campus at the Cartography Lab and then the Center for Remote Sensing where through a grant I completed aerial photography interpretation and land use mapping for the State of Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) among various other fascinating projects that readied me for work outside of campus.  Once the grant ran out I performed the same tasks for the DNR as a private contractor as well as producing maps for Masters and PhD student thesis papers.  I was later hired by the USGS office to create digitized soil survey maps.  Shortly after that I was hired by DNR’s MIRIS office to complete many more GIS mapping projects.  I then changed course to work in Natural Resource Protection programs which included the DNR’s Natural Rivers Program, the Farmland and Open Space Preservation Program, the Rails to Trails Program and finally culminating in a DNR field job as the Recreation Specialist for the North Eastern Lower Peninsula.  This last job entailed working on all things recreation including Rails to Trails, Campgrounds, Hiking, Biking, Horseback Riding, Snowmobile and ORV trails and Boat Launches.  It was my job to assist in the funding, construction, maintenance, equipment and labor to keep these recreation resources running and open to the public. I credit the professors, curriculum and on the job training as instrumental in my successful and enjoyable 25 plus years with DNR.  The above photo was taken a couple of years ago while I was grooming a cross country ski trail in Northern Michigan.  I am now retired and enjoying the natural resources I helped protect.