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Alia Sibinic (Koczara)

BS 2008

I started out as an Education major with a focus in social studies. Sophomore year I realized that teaching wasn’t the route I wanted to go, and that I had fallen in love with all the geography classes I had taken the last two years. My favorite classes were Goldsberry’s Cartography classes. I have put a lot of what I learned in his classes towards my professional career. I can honestly say that Morris Thomas is by far my favorite professor of all time, and I think everyone should experience one of his classes. Absolutely phenomenal!

After graduation, I worked for Western Land Services, a natural gas & oil brokerage company, as a GIS Specialist for 3 years. My main work was managing databases and creating custom thematic maps based on different dimensions of the industry. In hopes of being closer to my family here in Michigan, I started February 2013 at a marketing and advertising firm based in Livonia, MI. Valassis controls all the newspaper inserts and uses our RedPlum brand to ship directly to mailboxes (your weekly coupon books!). As a Targeting Analyst, I work with clients to help determine the audience using demographic data and determine geographical extents for their advertising programs. Some clients want to deliver to a certain number of households within 5 miles, while other clients have more specific needs in reaching certain types of specific customers. Next time you receive any RedPlum inserts in your mailbox or newspaper, think of all the time and analysis that has gone on behind the scenes, and how you have been hand selected by a fellow Spartan geographer!