Aaron Kamoske

  • Ph.D.

  • Email: kamoskea@msu.edu
  • Geography Building
    673 Auditorium Rd, Room 116
    East Lansing, MI 48824
  • Areas of interest: LiDAR and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing. Temperate Closed-Canopy Forests. Landscape Ecology. Ecological Modeling. Computer Programming. Field Sampling.

Research Synopsis:

My research examines the influences of environmental and anthropogenic controls on terrestrial ecosystem processes through the use of hyperspectral and LiDAR remote sensing, spatial statistics, ecological modeling, and field sampling. I approach this research in two (main) ways. First, examining how nutrient cycling influences productivity in temperate closed-canopy forests via field sampling, remote sensing, and ecological modeling. Second, by investigating how these processes are affected by environmental controls and anthropogenic changes at a landscape scale using spatial statistics. I primarily use the programming language R for my research, but I also dabble in Python from time to time. While much of my research is focused on using computers to ask ecological questions, I always look forward to summertime, when I conduct field research at sites throughout the Eastern U.S. When I am not out in the woods or writing code in front of the computer, I like to spend my time riding bicycles and exploring Michigan.