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Ameen Kadhim

Ph.D. 2018

Research Synopsis:

Ameen_2016My research interests are using geospatial to measuring and monitoring Sea level Rise. There is growing debate among scientists on how sea level rise will impact coastal environments, particularly in countries where economic activities are sustained along these coasts. An important factor in this debate is how best to characterize coastal environmental impacts over time. This study will investigate the measurement and modeling of sea level rise and impacts on near-coastal riverine  regions. The study will use a variety of data sources, including satellite imagery from 1975 to 2015, digital elevation data and Previous studies for the river regions. This research will focus on two regions with important coastal lands: southern Iraq along the Shatt Al-Arab River and the southern United States in Louisiana along the Mississippi River. These sites are important for both their extensive low-lying land and for the significant coastal economic activities in these regions.Grad_Kadhim_2016