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Joseph Hupy

PhD 2005

Alumni_Hupy_JMajor advisor: Randy Schaetzl

My dissertation research examined the interactions between warfare and the physical environment. While a large body of literature exists on the how the physical environment influences battle, a limited amount of research has explored the inverse relationship, that is, the various effects of warfare upon the environment. As a PhD student, I examined landscape disturbance and post-disturbance landscape recovery on the World War I battlefield of Verdun, France. I continue to hold an interest in this form of research and have expanded beyond France by examining other battlefields around the world. A brief description of your path since you left us and what you’re doing now as far as Geography goes:After graduating from MSU, I took a 2 year position at Colgate University in Hamilton, NY. In my second year there my wife, Christina Hupy took a job at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, and I was planning on joining her there after my time at Colgate expired. While performing research in the summer of 2007, we were contacted by the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire about a possible joint tenure track hire. We left Vietnam early to conduct the interview and were both awarded the position. This is where we reside today with our two daughters, Katya and Annika, along with our two dogs, Rommel and Sunny, who we acquired as puppies while matriculating at MSU.