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Denny Hausker

BS 1969

I graduated from MSU December 1969 just in time to be drafted in the #1 position, head into the US Army and go on to the Vietnam War. I was fortunate to return uninjured, other than from Agent Orange. I’m retired, and have been since 2003, so I can’t say there are significant events to report this last year. I currently write books of fiction (epic fantasy). I occasionally come to East Lansing for lunch since I’m a donor, and to meet with a writing professor, I think you call them rhetoric?  As far as Spartan sports, I’ve been a fanatic forever. I very much enjoyed my trip with friends down to the Big Ten Football championship game. Those Buckeyes really didn’t think it was possible that they could lose that game. I’ve never seen a stadium empty so fast. They sprinted out of their seats and out the door after MSU won!