Richard E. Groop


Richard E. Groop is Professor and former Chair of the Department of Geography at Michigan State University.  He received BSEd (1965) and MA (1967) degrees from Bowling Green University and the PhD (1976) from the University of Kansas.    He also was a post-graduate scholar at Kansas in 1976-77.  He taught Geography courses at Bowling Green, Kansas State University, and the University of Georgia before joining the MSU Geography Department in 1977.  He has traveled in many parts of the world, particularly in Europe and North America.

Research Interests:

At Michigan State he conducts research on applications of geographic information systems, map animations, and migration in Michigan and the U.S.  In addition to research articles, he has published a number of atlas and map products.  He has taught courses in cartography, geographic information systems, world regions, people and environment, and research design.