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Cadi Fung

Ph.D. 2019

Research Synopsis:

grad_research_FungAs a human geographer with a background in aquatic biology, geology, and animal studies (, I have broad interests in human-environment interactions and relationships, ecological conservation, and environmental ethics and justice. I am especially interested in human-animal relationships, particularly in the case of threatened and endangered animals, animals in captivity, and animals exploited by humans (for tourism, entertainment, lab research, and other means). My aim is to study the influence of local/global cultural, economic, and political landscapes on such issues to identify why phenomena occur and what can be done to mitigate harmful human-environment and human-animal interactions.

My master’s research explored the interrelationships between physical environment, physiological needs, infrastructure needs, spatial orientation, human culture, and anthropogenic impacts at a Thai Forest Tradition Buddhist monastery in Southern California. Although spiritual ecology is still an interest of mine, my current research focuses more on policy, national and local identity, contradictions between environmental rhetoric and actualized policies, and the conflict between economic growth and environmental conservation.