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Jenifer Fisher

BS 2013

I still feel like I just left Geography, but I have been at my job at Consumers Energy for a few years.  It is a really weird feeling, but I love it!  Things have been going great here and I could not have done it without the aid of the GIS program.  Over the 2013 holidays, during the massive ice storm that hit Lower Michigan, I volunteered to step out of my comfort zone and my normal abilities in natural gas mapping, to help out with the electric side.  I gave up sleep and time with my family to be a part of the COLOSSAL process of getting people’s power back and making them safe again from this record-breaking wire-snapping storm.  During the outage, I learned how much of a team effort everything is and needs to be, met some great people, and learned of some flaws in their current GIS.  Because of the knowledge I have gained through MSU, my brain constantly wandered to what we could do to improve the GIS system.  What could make storm processes flow more efficiently?  What tools could we use to enhance our reliability?  Overall, what could make the company BETTER?  Thank you MSU Geography for opening my eyes and giving me the tools I need to help me, help others.