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Lisa Dershowitz

BA 2012

Since graduating from MSU in 2012 I have continued on to get my masters at Miami University in Ohio. I am continuing my studies in the Geography Department where I focus mainly on sustainable tourism and trails. I have been involved with several exciting things in our department from volunteering in Cincinnati, to helping put on an event featuring “Jeopardy” winner Ken Jennings. This past summer I was fortunate enough to travel to Israel where I conducted my thesis research on the trails of Israel. I was able to spend part of my time in the north on the Jesus Trail and the majority of my time in the Negev Desert exploring the Israel National Trail. During my research I was invited to speak in a Geography class at the University of Haifa and also help to mark a new trail for hikers in the South. Now I look forward to presenting at the upcoming AAG conference in Tampa, finishing my degree, graduation, and finding a job in the real world; all of which would have not been possible had it not been for my time at MSU.