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Saul (Daniel) Ddumba

Ph.D. 2018

Research Synopsis:

grad_research_ddumbaClimate change is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century whose impacts are believed to affect various sectors. Among the most affected is agriculture which greatly depends on the climate. Climate change modifies both the amount of water available for the crop and the temperatures thus causing a threat to the survival of ecosystems including people. Crops need water, temperature and solar radiation for photosynthesis and also for general growth. The largest percentage of agriculture in both developing and developing countries is rain fed. The increase in world population with the developing countries in particular, having higher growth rates, also leads to more demand for the already threatened food production.

My research therefore, is aimed at contributing to solving the above problem by assessing the impact of climate change on food security in Uganda (East Africa). Using selected crops, I will: (i) describe the variability of crop production and climate over the last 30-40 years; (ii) examine the relationship between climate variability and crop production; (iii) identify and assess the impact of other factors affecting crop production; (iv) explore the impact of future changes in climate to crop production; and (v) assess the effectiveness of policy intervention measures related to climate change and agriculture in Uganda. The research will use selected regional climate and crop models, and geographical information system methods.

Before being awarded a Fulbright Science & Technology scholarship to pursue my PhD at Michigan State University, I studied a Master of Science in Applied Meteorology at the University of Reading, United Kingdom and researched on “Influence of sea surface temperature on Ugandan rainfall regimes”. I also have a Post Graduate Diploma in Meteorology and a Bachelor of Science in Education both from Makerere University in Uganda. I have participated on various research projects in East Africa, and presented various papers in international conferences. I am also an Assistance Lecturer at Makerere University (Uganda).