Kenneth E. Corey


For more than thirty years Professor Corey has been engaging information and communications technologies-based city-regional development throughout Asia and the global economy.  He has derived from these observations and researches development lessons and policies planning benchmarks for the use and tailoring of local development stakeholders.

With his frequent co-author Professor Mark I. Wilson, they published the 2006 book, Urban and Regional Technology Planning:  Planning Practice in the Global Knowledge Economy, London and New York:  Routledge.  The intention of the book is to empower such local and regional stakeholder practitioners as planners, business persons, developers, elected officials and other strategic planning actors.  Corey’s body of research has contributed to the evolution of intelligent development approaches by means of the ALERT Model.  The Model builds on the foundation of digital development and prepares stakeholders for ubiquitous-city and regional intelligent development strategic planning.

Professor Corey has served on the faculties of the University of Maryland, College Park; University of Cincinnati; and the University of Rhode Island.  He has served as visiting faculty at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, United Kingdom; and Peking University, China.  He was Fulbright Research Scholar at the Institute for Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore.

Research Interests:

Policy planning for city-regions in the context of the global knowledge economy and network society; role and measurement of globalization processes and information and communications technologies at the local level; comprehensive intelligent development strategic planning; translational research and practice; and empirically, development policy processes throughout Asia with special interests in Southeast Asia, Singapore, Korea, China and India.