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Lonnie Barnes

M.S. in Geography 2018

Research Synopsis:

My research interests are in Health and Medical Geography, specifically the connections between social inequality, environmental justice, and health disparities. I work with Dr. Sue Grady in the Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences. My Master’s thesis research focuses on the considerable asthma burden in the Detroit Metro Area, particularly the ways in which the complexities of and interactions between race and socioeconomic status—as well as how certain risk factors which are unequally distributed throughout the population—produce differential health outcomes across the study area. I hope that this work will contribute to the understanding of the numerous sources of racial health disparities in the US. In conducting this interdisciplinary research, I have made use of the programming languages R and SAS, and I draw on descriptive and analytic methods and literature used in epidemiology and public health, spatial analysis used by geographers, as well as theory and research from other social scientific disciplines.