Geo Prof Appointed by President Obama to serve on the National Science Board

Congratulations to our own Emilio Moran for being appointed by President Obama as a member of the National Science Board of the National Science Foundation.  The story has been shared on MSU Today and on the College of Social Science website.  For those not aware of the Board, and it’s responsibilities, here is a brief description:

The National Science Foundation Act of 1950, which created the NSF, states that “The Foundation shall consist of a National Science Board … and a Director.” Jointly the Board and the Director pursue the goals and function of the NSF, including the duty to “recommend and encourage the pursuit of national policies for the promotion of research and education in science and engineering.” The National Science Board has two important roles. First, it establishes the policies of NSF within the framework of applicable national policies set forth by the President and the Congress. In this capacity, the Board identifies issues that are critical to NSF’s future, approves NSF’s strategic budget directions and the annual budget submission to the Office of Management and Budget, and approves new major programs and awards. The second role of the Board is to serve as an independent body of advisors to both the President and the Congress on policy matters related to science and engineering and education in science and engineering. In addition to major reports, the NSB also publishes occasional policy papers or statements on issues of importance to U.S. science and engineering. The NSB consists of 24 members plus the Director of the National Science Foundation (ex officio). Members serve 6 year terms, and represent a broad array of science, engineering and education representatives. The NSF Act of 1950, as amended, states that nominees to the “Board (1) shall be eminent in the fields of the basic, medical, or social sciences, engineering, agriculture, education, research management or public affairs; (2) shall be selected solely on the basis of established records of distinguished service; and (3) shall be so selected as to provide representation of the views of scientific and engineering leaders in all areas of the Nation.”