GEO graduating senior receives National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Quercus Hamlin, a Geographic Information Science major in the Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences, has been selected for one of 2000 Graduate Research Fellowships awarded by the National Science Foundation. While at MSU, Quercus has worked with the Hydrology Lab on creating models of nutrient loading related to water quality issues. He has exhibited posters at the 2016 MSU Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum (validity of remotely sensed irrigation data), the 2016 Mid-Michigan Symposium for Undergraduate Research (water nutrient loading from septic tanks), the Fall 2016 meeting of the American Geophysical Union (spatially explicit nutrient loading), and is a co-author of a 2016 article in a peer-reviewed journal (‘Changes in forest composition in Ohio between Euro-American settlement and the present,’ American Midland Naturalist 176:2).

Planning to attend graduate school in the Department of Environmental Engineering at Syracuse University, Quercus says, “I have gained a well-rounded education in the MSU Geography department…I hope to work on problems surrounding water quality, water quantity, and land use when I start graduate school in the fall.”

Fewer than 1 in 7 of the 13,000 applicants received Fellowships.