Grad Student Leader of the Year

On April 12, 2016 Dee Jordan 2nd year PhD Student in the Dept of Geography was named the Graduate Student Leader of the Year during the 15th Annual MSU Student Life Awards Reception.

The Graduate Student Leader of the Year is awarded to a graduate student who has exemplified leadership in five areas:

Graduate and professional student involvement Departmental involvement Community service to the MSU Community and the Greater Lansing Area University level involvement Scholarship

Dee’s demonstrated ability to enhance the MSU campus community, the Greater Lansing community and bridging connections on campus by fostering collaboration and cooperation amongst groups and individuals; while being engaged in a myriad of activities on campus through involvement with the Council of Graduate Students were she now serves as President are among the many examples of how graduate students can serve as agents for change during their academic programs.

Dee’s approach to life is that you can’t opt out – you must be present. This is evidenced in her contributions throughout the year on the Dept of Geography and Michigan State University as a whole. Dee simply- “you always make time for the things that matter to you”.

Congratulations Dee and thank you for your role in helping MSU become a great place for graduate and graduate-professional students.