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Do you like working with people, the environment, or technology? Major in Geography!

Geography is an exciting field with a wide variety of job opportunities at good pay.   Our students work in fields such as environmental consulting, real estate, education, urban planning, forestry, state/national park management, climatology, agriculture, GIS, and many others.

With a degree in geography, you are well positioned to sell yourself to employers as someone who understands how spatial variables interact in important ways.  Imagine, for example, that you apply for a position as a location analyst for a major retail chain.  Although the job announcement doesn’t ask specifically for a “geographer”, you can successfully compete for that job.  Why?  Consider the variables that are important for a new store location, which include proximity to a populated area, easy access via highways or major roads, distance from the competition, and the physical characteristics (such, as soils, wetlands, etc) of the potential sites for the new store.  Who is best suited to analyze those questions?  That’s right – a geographer!

More information about careers in Geography

Geographer job outlook to 2024: The median pay for Geographers is approximately $61,800-$74,000 per year.  Some Geographic fields will see almost 30% employment growth (US Bureau of Labor Statistics 2015).

American Association of Geographers “unprecedented growth in the field”.  See the AAG Careers Resources Overview 2013

Contact Amy Deitrickson (517) 432-0746, MSU Career Services & Placement Coordinator for Social Science

The GIS Jobs Clearinghouse website

Annual Career Day and Job Fair Event

careers_2013 event_IMG_0130 The Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences offers a variety of career and internship support assistance.  Many of our faculty, staff, and alum know people in private industry and government who periodically offer internships and jobs.  We also host a Career Day and Job Fair Event every Spring that connects students with internships and potential employers in a wide variety of professional settings.

careers_2013 event_IMG_0404The primary goal of the event is to promote geography and the kinds of jobs that are potentially available with such a degree.  Students make great connections on potential jobs and internships.  In preparation for those interactions, we host resume workshops previous to the event thanks to Amy Deitrickson, our MSU Career Services & Placement Coordinator for Social Science.

Please click here for the 2017 Career Day & Job Fair Program with links to participant websites and email addresses.

Past Participants Include

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