Geography Awareness Week: WKAR Listen to Alan Arbogast, Yoruba Richen, and Russ White talk about Geography Awareness Week.

Geography Awareness Week 2019
November 10th through the 16th

On November 14, 2019, at 7 p.m. at Wharton Center’s Passant Theatre, the department presents a screening of The Smithsonian Channel’s The Green Book: A Guide featuring Q & A with filmmaker & director Yoruba Richen.

“I want the audience to feel what it was like to travel at that time through these different time periods that we explore in the film,” Richen says. “But the main premise is that though the Green Book was created out of a necessity for safety and for places that would serve us, it soon became a book that also listed and helped foster communities where we went for recreation and pleasure. Though it was created from times that were scary in a lot of ways and were discriminatory, it also produced these communities of recreation and pleasure, which have always been part of our history.” – Yoruba Richen

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