Professor Donald Johnson’s List of Landmark Papers (1878-1998) in Geomorphology and Soil Geomorphology – An Appreciation


Randall J. Schaetzl


This paper provides the complete list of papers that were read and discussed in graduate seminars run in 1998 and 2001 by Professor Donald Johnson of the University of Illinois. A literature sleuth, Professor Johnson’s courses provide insight into what he thought were the major papers and books that helped guide and advance the fields of soil geomorphology in particular, and geomorphology in general. To his list I have taken the liberty of adding some papers that he either missed or was too modest to include, i.e., some of his own! Delving into the deep literature is hard work. I hope that this paper shows the appreciation that I have for the effort that Professor Johnson put into this task, over many years. In this era of rapid knowledge and literature expansion, it is also my hope that this list helps budding (and seasoned) geomorphologists to delve into the classic literature.