1998 Workshop

The Upper Great Lakes Workshop was held May, 1998 at the University of Michigan. The workshop was one of 19 regional workshops held accross the US, as part of the National Assessment, sponsored by the USGCRP and the USEPA.

The purpose of this workshop was to seek out the opinions of regional stakeholders to find out what concerned people most about climate change in their region. To find out more about who participated in the workshop, click here.


Break-out Sessions & Sector Reports

Workshop participants were organized into sector breakout groups and asked:

  1. What are their current concerns with regards to climate change?
  2. How might climate change impact our lives?
  3. What additional information do we need?
  4. How do we cope with climate change?
The breakout groups provided the direction for a more rigorous studies of climate change impacts in the Great Lakes region. Ideas and concerns were written on flip charts by rapporteurs, and each sector produced a report that chronicled their discussions:
  1. Climate
  2. Water Resources
  3. Water Ecology
  4. Land Ecology
  5. Agriculture
  6. Infrastructure
  7. Economy
  8. Human Health
  9. Governance & Education

Invited Speakers

The "Invited Talks" portion of the workshop provided a foundation for understanding some of the complexities and issues of climate change and its potential impacts. The speakers are from various walks of life and present different points of view. They were chosen because of their knowledge and interest in the in climate change and in the Great Lakes region. In order to present a feeling of “being there,” and to allow you to obtain the facts as they were presented at the workshop, the speakers were recorded and transcribed. Hopefully, the reports provide a “snapshot in time” so that you can experience the same information that was presented to the Upper Great Lakes region workshop participants.

Hart, John Frazer : Benchmarks for Climate Change

Corell, Robert: Working Toward a National Assessment

MacCracken, Michael: Global Climate Change and its Effects

Winstanley, Derek: Climate Change in the Great Lakes Region

Doering,Otto: Making Sense of Climate Change Impacts

Magnuson, John: Regional Climate Change and Fresh Water Ecology

Noble, Michael: Global Warming in Minnesota: Playing with Fire

Mortch, Linda: Getting Additional Information

Kitz, Charles: Global Climate Change: A Business Model Approach

Scheraga, Joel: Coping with Climate Change

Workshop Participants (includes Rapporteurs)

Workshop Steering Committee

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