Mini Workshop #2: Fisheries and aquatic ecosystems - June 15, 2001, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Climate Change and the Water Ecology:
What Are the Potential Impacts, and What Can We Do?

Great Lakes scientists, policy makers, and other stakeholders assembled at the WATER Institute in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 15 June 2001 to participate in an information-sharing workshop about water ecology implications of projected climate change, as highlighted in the Great Lakes Regional Assessment summary report.

The meeting resulted in productive exchanges of current understanding, and definition of current and future needs within the stakeholder community. Interfaces were identified where climate and aquatic ecological research could focus attention on topics relevant to pressing issues of power generation, quality drinking water production, and fisheries yield and quality. These initiatives will require intensified investigation and integration of physical climate forces with ecological and food web complexities.

Workshop participants resolved to sharpen research attention on a number of mechanistic process links among climate, water quality, and food web composition, and to intensify effort to quantify the economic and human-behavioral implications of near-future climate scenarios. Participants expressed encouragement that improved climate and ecological projections coupled with continuing information exchange could strengthen management and planning within the Great Lakes region.

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